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    What is the “Caine Difference”?

    When you think about all of the real estate brokerages in our area, it can be an overwhelming process to find the team that is going to provide you with the best services on the market. Who can you turn to in order to sell your property for top dollar? Who can you depend on in order to sell your property quickly? Who can you trust in order to find the perfect home for your family? Some of these questions may be floating through your mind at any given moment, and we have one answer for all of them.

    Turn to Caine Premier Properties.

    Here’s why…

    How We’re Different

    Our number one goal is to always get top dollar for our clients, and one of the ways in which we go about this is by bringing in the element of styling into the process. Did you know that 46% of Realtors express that styling increases a home’s value by at least 20%, and 53% say that styled homes sell faster than non-styled homes? These are big numbers and one of the top reasons why Caine Premier Properties is different.

    Our team of stylists creates a look that appeals to virtually any buyer, no matter the style. Our team designs homes to satisfy:

    • Modern
    • Traditional
    • Tuscan
    • Contemporary
    • Industrial

    …and many other home designs, making the Caine Team a step ahead of the competition. Not only does our team consists of top trained Realtors, we’re also trained in styling to cut down the time that a home sits on the market.

    The Quatrefoil Meaning

    Our team has a commitment that we always make to the client and we express this with our company logo, the Quatrefoil. Representing loyalty, integrity, trust and putting others before ourselves, the Quatrefoil is showcased in all of Caine Premier Properties, even down to the throw pillows in the homes that we style!

    A main benefit of working with Caine Premier Properties is that we provide concierge, value-driven service to our clients, meaning that there are no hidden fees in any of our transactions. We aim to create a stress-free process for the client as we transform their home into something spectacular that every buyer dreams of, and we do this through our unique styling services. As the Caine magic unfolds, many homeowners fall back in love with their homes at the end of the process, which means that others will fall in love as well.

    Contact Caine Premier Properties before you’re thinking about doing anything to update your home, because we can help! At your complimentary initial consultation with us, our team makes a list of what can be done to increase your home’s value, because we know what sells in our market. We are in this to protect your investment and make sure we help you maximize your profit.

    The Caine Difference

    Caine Premier Properties offers concierge-level services to better serve our clientele in all of their real estate transactions. Protecting the investment of the seller is always at the forefront of our process along with helping buyers envision the best in every property. Our mission is to always treat your home like it’s ours.

    That’s the Caine Difference.